Portuguese representative wins 1st prize in the global HVAC student competition in South Korea

João Pedro Sousa Mota, winner of the AVAC 2024 award promoted by the Specialization Committee on Air Conditioning Engineering, in partnership with the ASHRAE Portugal Chapter and the Portuguese Section of REHVA, representing Europe, won first prize in the HVAC World Students Competition, which took place in the city of  Pyeonchang, South Korea, as part of the Annual Summer Conference of SAREK, the Korean Air Conditioning Engineering Society.


This competition is a joint organization of several HVAC associations worldwide, started in 2013, in which the following entities participate: ASHRAE, from the United States of America; CAHVAC, from China; ISHRAE, from India; REHVA, from Europe; SAREK, from South Korea and SHASE, from Japan.

João Mota was Europe’s representative in this prestigious competition, after having previously won the national competition organized by the Order of Engineers and the European competition, organized by REHVA last May, in Istanbul.


João Mota’s work was based on his master’s thesis, carried out as part of the Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, in the specialty of Energy and Environment, at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra. It corresponded to the acoustic optimization of a visor with aerodynamic sealing for healthcare professionals, developed in the VV4MC project, which included DEM, the UC Faculty of Medicine, ADAI and the company SET S.A. from the Iberomoldes group

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